Lady Gaga Will Tour without Kanye

Yay! There’s still hope! Lady Gaga announced today in an interview before the Billboard Women in Music brunch that she’ll tour without Kanye. “We mutually decided to cancel the tour. He’s going to take some time off, but I’m not,” the Billboard “Rising Star” winner said. She also added that she and her former tour mate discussed the decision on the “Fame Kills” tour “a lot, as well as with Live Nation.” Kanye has said in the VMA aftermath that he was thinking about taking time off to reevaluate his behavior. Lady Gaga said of her friend’s incident that she “knew his intentions and I knew he was standing up for art.” However, she adds that “[w]hen he walked on the stage I was like no, no, no.” She also said that Kanye is “a good person.”

I applaud Lady for supporting her friend while still acknowledging that his actions at the VMAs (which I am very much over) weren’t too cool. I also applaud Kanye for stepping down when he feels he needs to, even if this is just for publicity. Perhaps best of all, I’m glad Lady Gaga’s still touring! She does, after all, have new music to promote.

Source: Associated Press, Yahoo! News


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