"Fame Kills" Tour: Over Before it Began

Aww man! Live Nation announced today the highly-anticipated “Fame Kills” tour that was to be headlined by Kanye West and Lady Gaga has been cancelled. Refunds are going to be given to those who already bought tickets. It’s safe to assume that some might speculate the cancelling of the tour has to do with Kanye’s VMA antics.

If that’s the case, people need to move on. First of all, it’s old news, second of all, if folks are really still mad about it, go out and buy a Taylor Swift record and support her that way. I think Taylor has forgiven Kanye and has (hopefully) moved on. On the other hand, I completely understand if Kanye feels like he needs a break– or Lady Gaga for that matter, but she’s gearing up to re-release her The Fame record as The Fame Monster (Woohoo! November 24th!), and recently tweeted her excitement to perform the new music from the record on tour.
So with all that said, I’m a little bummed. I was excited for this tour because I’m a fan of both these talents as artists (Lady Gaga more so, if you couldn’t tell). I was even thinking about seeing a show. Who knows? Maybe they’ll come up with something else to do together. Or not. What do you guys think? How would you feel if such a thing happened with one of your favorite artists?

Source: Associated Press


One thought on “"Fame Kills" Tour: Over Before it Began

  1. I definitely think Kanye needs a break. It seems every other week he is having a meltdown over something. Too bad about GaGa though. She'll end up doing something, though. She has a new album to promote.


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