But wait! There’s more! Jon & Kate & TLC

This is a logo for Jon & Kate Plus 8.

So since TLC essentially limited Jon’s appearances on their reality TV show (which if Harvey Levin is to be believed in yesterday’s episode of TMZ, is down 84% in ratings), Jon, upon reportedly hearing this news through the media himself, wants to cancel the revamped Kate Plus Eight. According to him, the kids don’t like the cameras anymore. Kate, of course, says they’re fine with it. Mind, you however, that Jon had earlier said that claims that the show was harmful to the kids were ridiculous, per a RadarOnline video. Kate reportedly seems to think this is just a PR stunt from Jon to make him look better to the public.

I’m honestly not so sure what to make of the entire situation, but I do appreciate how Kate’s remaining relatively mum on the issue while Jon is…. not…

Source: NY Daily News, RadarOnline


One thought on “But wait! There’s more! Jon & Kate & TLC

  1. I think it's all motivated by money bottom-line. All of them live lifestyle that, frankly is going to take a significant amount of money to maintain. It's going to make it harder for them to quit this show.


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