Beyoncé: A Heart of Gold Diva

I’m not a big Beyoncé fan, but I like her a lot more than a casual music fan. I even have her first CD and her Live at Wembley CD/DVD. Recently, the Houston native has showcased her Southern Hospitality at the VMAs, but what she did during a tour stop in Australia is much more powerful. Beyoncé closes her shows with her hit “Halo,” which has recently been used to not only acknowledge a personal hero as the song always has, but Michael Jackson.

At her September 18th stop at Sydney’s Acer Arena, Beyoncé dedicated “Halo” to Chelsea, a young girl battling leukemia. The superstar hugged Chelsea as she sang “I got my angel now,” and looked the girl in the eyes. The lyrics were also changed to say “Chelsea you can see your halo I pray you won’t fade away…”

I’m willing to bet there were few dry eyes in the arena that night.

Beyoncé is true sweetheart, and I don’t think she’s done these nice gestures for brownie points. I think she really is a genuine person.

Source: Hip Hop Media Training

6 thoughts on “Beyoncé: A Heart of Gold Diva

  1. Aww thats really sweet of Bey do something like that. As I was watching it in class today, I was starting to cry, but I didn't want to bawl in class 'cause I didn't want people to be like "Why are you crying?" lol

  2. Didn't watch it, but I did hear about this. Not a big Bey fan, but it's always nice when a celeb goes out of their way to do something special for a fan. The positive PR is also a welcome plus.

  3. Thank you!Someone finally has something positive to say!I actually like Beyonce. She's a great entertainer. She can put on a performance like no other. And a Beyonce heart-felt solo can be tear dropping. But I get so sick of the NEGATIVITY! People always say stuff like "Beyonce, can't act." Beyonce can't sing". But the funny thing is she's a world known star and making way more cash then these negative people.Even when she handed the mic over to Taylor Swift, everyone was like "She just did that to look good". So freakin what man! Everybody else would have done the same thing. Lets just accepted that maybe Beyonce does has a great heart and is a really caring person.Ever think of that world?lol

  4. That is sweet, but even though it might have been genuine, stuff like that happens so often nowadays that it seems expected for celebrities to try and do that. It's still sweet, though.


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