A Changed Man That Chris…

Chris Brown

Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

OK, I’ve sort of changed my mind on CB. And this is hopefully gonna be my last post on this for a while, but when I was held hostage at the hair salon for over eight hours yesterday, I read his interview in the latest issue of People magazine. I was really impressed with what he had to say and I honestly felt for him. He really isn’t a “monster.” And grant it, I did agree with a comment posted about an earlier Chris Brown post in which a reader said something to the effect of his actions might have been so out of character for him he didn’t recollect what happened. I’d be willing to go out and buy a new record (or at least an iTunes single) of his (as long as its good and I like it) to support him. I don’t think ill of him, I just was shocked at some of his actions and statements with him going around and doing this press tour of sorts.

That’s my piece on this. Feel free to comment, but hopefully this will be it on this subject for a while…

Check out what Chris had to say for your self in the latest issue of People magazine on newsstands now or check out interview snippets here and here.

Sources: People.com



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