And the New Judge of Idol Is……. ELLEN!

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Yup! Ellen DeGeneres announced yesterday during a taping of her syndicated talk show that she will be the AI judge replacing Paula Abdul. She’s signed a five-year contract and will balance her night job as a judge with her daytime one as talk show host. DeGeneres isn’t new to the Idol platform; she’s co-hosted the shows charity special Idol Gives Back in 2007 with Ryan Seacrest.

And people are, like, SOO angry about it! MTV says reviews are “at best a mixed reaction…”. At best. So basically, based on what I read in the comments below MTV’s article, they’re not good. “She’s a comedian” they say. Ellen says she’ll function as a voice of the people. The people say there’s no need for that. (And in a way they have a point: once contestants are past auditions, the people can start submitting their votes) MJ Santilli of, a popular AI blog, says that Ellen needs to brush up on some things before November. If you remember, Ellen did a stint on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance as a guest judge and it didn’t go over so well (wasn’t that funny…more like awkward).

I see what they’re saying, but I like Ellen as the fourth judge. I get that “the people” can vote, but sometimes, the audience needs a little budge in the right direction of who to vote for as a consumer of the music. The other judges give the audience a nudge too, but they do so as critical industry professionals. I think it’ll be a good change. But I do agree with concerns in the MTV article that noted Ellen’s (hopefully funny) remarks might make the show run long – one thing I can’t stand about Idol‘s past seasons.



2 thoughts on “And the New Judge of Idol Is……. ELLEN!

  1. Hey Kel!Thanks for the blog comment. Are you following me? lolAnd so my response to your post is… LET ELLEN DO HER THING MAN!Ellen's funny and down to Earth. The rest of the world can get over it =]


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