Susan Boyle Beats Whitney in Album (Pre)Sales

Cover of "I Dreamed a Dream"

Credit: Colombia Records

Who would’ve thought? On Amazon’s presale charts Boyle’s November 24th, debut, I Dreamed a Dream, is on top. Boyle beats Houston’s anticipated comeback album and the Beatles for the top spot. The Britain’s Got Talent runner-up’s release date was announced a few days back.

I’m not too pleased with this news myself. I mean, Susan has a decent voice. Fine. But we all know why she was sensationalized by the media. She didn’t look like she could sing. “How does somebody look like they can sing?” You ask? Well, look at Susan Boyle, and think of the American Idol auditions. When a rather dowdy looking person walks into the room in quest of pop superstardom, you expect that they’ll sound horrible. Or at least make a fool of themselves. The fascination with Boyle is the whole “not-that-attractive-lady can sing.” But her voice is not all that great to me. If a post makeover Susan came in and auditioned, I have my doubts it would be made as big of a deal as it was. On that note, Susan isn’t a horrible looking lady, she just didn’t keep herself up… not to be mean…. Grant it, Whitney isn’t all that great either. Well, not anymore, but Boyle topping Whitney and The Beatles in presales is an upset nonetheless.




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