A (Somewhat) Private Affair: The Michael Jackson Funeral

The Thursday ceremony was naturally star-studded. Guests included Gladys Knight (who also performed tear-jerking renditions of “Our Father” and “His Eye Is On the Sparrow”), Macaulay Culkin, Brooke Shields, Quincy Jones, Liza Minnelli, Barry Bonds, Elizabeth Taylor, and, most notably to me, Lisa Marie Presley. Michael’s family were also there of course. Surprisingly, Michael’s parents Joe and Katherine sat together at the funeral. Michael’s kids once again stole the show, as Prince Michael I, 12, Prince Michael II (AKA Blanket), and a tearful Paris, 11, placed a small crown on their dad’s casket. Michael’s brothers carried his casket (white-gloved) into the mausoleum. Rev. Al Sharpton made what was sort of a “Part Deux” to his sermon at Jackson’s memorial service, and to my dismay tweeted throughout the service as well. I’ll leave that alone…

Michael Jackson performing The Way You Make Me...

Michael Jackson performing The Way You Make Me Feel in 1988 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A live feed of the funeral was streamed, but cut off right before the service started. E! personality Ken Baker took to he Today show to offer his expertise:

 Defenders of the Jackson family might say, “they let fans worldwide share at least somewhat in this private service.” A cynic might say, “they just teased us, and someday will have to pay to see the […] service.”

Me, It doesn’t matter either way. If the latter is true, I’m fine with that. I’d gladly go out and pay for a DVD of Jackson’s service knowing I’m contributing to his estate. And if the former is true, hey, take what you can get and respect the family’s privacy.

People also have questions about where exactly Michael’s interred, but that’s another post

Sources: associatedcontent.com, Associated Press, Today


One thought on “A (Somewhat) Private Affair: The Michael Jackson Funeral

  1. I agree. The family can do what it wants as long as it is done with s sense of respect. Priscilla Presley grew elvis' estate by any means necessary and she is lauded for that. It is what it is. There are three children to take of.


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