Chris Brown: I didn’t mean it that way

Chris Brown

Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

So today, after people (including me) nearly lost it when Chris Brown said he didn’t remember beating Rihanna, he’s changing his mind: “I misspoke.”

OK, whatever you say Chris. I get that you want your fans to know “the truth”, but the “I’m not a monster” tour needs to stop. People (kinda) forgot about it until you brought it up again. Just stop talking about it. I’m not sure how saying you don’t remember something equals a flub of words, but if you say so…
Maybe it’s that selective memory again…

Source: E! News


3 thoughts on “Chris Brown: I didn’t mean it that way

  1. I honestly don't think he meant it the way people perceived it. Maybe attacking her was so out of character for him, it was like a black out when anger took over. Don't think I'm just trying to make up stuff, but that's honestly what I think. He has his back practically against the wall, he's smarter than to just claim "i don't remember"Thanks for your super sweet comment!About your blog, I approve ;)xoxo

  2. No for real he didn't need to bring it back up. Like the lady from the "Today" show said, we (sort of unfourtunately) forgot about that and Chris Brown just keeps on pushing it into the ground, like dang ok! stop!

  3. i know what yu mean!! During the Larry King interview he didn't even answer any of the important questions. Like, why even come on the show?? From his "so called" apology to his interview, chris brown just seems confused.


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