Whitney’s Back! – But Not All That Great…

Cover of "I Look to You"

Credit: Arista Records

Today tons of reviews of Whitney Houston’s new album, “I Look To You” have been published, and they all have something in common: while they praise the record overall, they admit Whitney’s no longer got “it.” While watching the Today show this morning, David Foster, who worked on the record, admitted Whitney “can’t reach for those Ds and Es anymore…”

That’s basically what many of the reviews say. The Toronto Star has mixed feelings about the album, and only finds highlights in two of the album’s 11 tracks.

As for me, I gave the album a listen (it’s streaming live on Whitney’s official site), and I particuallarly enjoy “Call You Tonight,” which wasn’t mentioned by the reviews I read. “I Look To You” is good, but isn’t as good to me as other reviews say.”Million Dollar Bill” is just contempoary enough without trying so hard. “A Song For You” is doing too much for me arrangement and production wise. Her high notes are pretty, but other than that… it’s just too much. I admit, she’s not blasting off vocally, but she can still soar pretty well. My biggest criticism about the CD are the songs that don’t quite suit her: either they’re too modernly produced (The A-Kon produced “Like I Never Left”) or just don’t sound like Whitney (“Salute” is much more Rihanna). But I think it’s sales will be pretty good this week.

Bottom line: This Whitney’s not the same one that wants to “Run To You,” but she’ll still Look To You.

Listen to Whitney’s album for yourself (or maybe just a few tracks) and tell me what you think while it streams live: http://www.whitneyhouston.com/us/front-splash

Sources: Todayshow.com, Thestar.com



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